I decided to seek help strengthening my core in preparation for recovery from hip replacement surgery. I wanted to try Pilates based on the good results that my wife, Dana, was seeing from working with Carolina.

All total, I figure I have about 45 years of wear and tear from sport and athletics as I am an avid cyclist, paddler, and skier. I have remained a regular client of BodyMind Pilates for over 6 years. As is typical for a red-blooded American male, I aggressively pursued all form of exercise: running, yoga, Pilates, weights, cardio, spinning, body pump, etc. under the false premise that more is better, and no pain equals no gain. This has inevitably resulted in burnout or injury, often both.

The good people at BodyMind pay attention to each client they are helping. Although they encourage clients to advance to the next level, they will not allow them to push an exercise or movement to the point of negative results or injury. I dare say this is one of the biggest challenges for the staff at BodyMind Pilates; not only in my case, but I have observed the tendency in other clients as well to push beyond a healthy point because we falsely believe “no pain, no gain.”

I am very grateful for the staff at BodyMind Pilates. They have enabled me to enjoy a long-term practice of exercise that strengthens without injury. I trust them as partners in an effort to optimize my health objectives. They have demonstrated to me that they are highly capable and most importantly care.