My chronic knee and hip pain are gone gone gone. Low level dizziness, gone! I feel like shouting this from the rooftops. If anyone is seriously looking at body healing, aging with upward momentum, and feeling generally better than they have in years, getting evaluated by BMP will affordably get the ball rolling for truly integrated healing and body conditioning. BMP’s understanding about body biomechanics and neurology feels light years ahead of practitioners I have experienced prior to now. The science behind their work is sophisticated yet simple in the way different systems communicate within our bodies. If deciding where to put your money in body care and improvement, hands down, this is the place to go! Plus, the staff are delightful, positive, and highly informed in ways that allow them to look carefully at your unique issues and zero in. I am humbled by their capacity to help people and honored to be one of their clients. Grand Rapids is very fortunate to have this community asset thanks to founder, Carolina, and the big idea she brought to our community 16 years ago! Thank you!!

Julie D.

Sometimes I just feel “off”. My body tenses up and it doesn’t function at it’s best. Pilates is a wonderful way for me to strengthen core, remind my joints and muscle to flex and perform full range, and notice my breath. Grateful to have this weekly class to support my overall health.

Pam G.

This is a very special studio with gifted teachers and a wonderful environment for practicing Pilates. I’ve been lucky enough to take classes at many studios around the country, and this one is at the top of my list.

I moved to Grand Rapids three years ago and started working with Carolina and her teachers. I’ve had hip pain, which is now gone, and I feel stronger, taller, and more balanced than ever. For me, BodyMind Pilates is a part of my life.

Anne B.

I have been a client of BodyMind Pilates since May 2011. I have experienced multiple health benefits and feel so much better since I started. I lost the 20 extra pounds I didn’t need and my body mass index dropped several points to within the normal range.

My flexibility, balance and focus are all greatly improved. Best yet, it is the first workout I enjoy doing, so I actually do it at least three times each week, which is my goal.

When I started at Body Mind Pilates, I knew nothing about pilates. I found the instructors to be very knowledgeable, caring, and to be great teachers. I would strongly recommend Body Mind Pilates to anyone who wants to look and feel better.


I decided to seek help strengthening my core in preparation for recovery from hip replacement surgery. I wanted to try Pilates based on the good results that my wife, Dana, was seeing from working with Carolina.

All total, I figure I have about 45 years of wear and tear from sport and athletics as I am an avid cyclist, paddler, and skier. I have remained a regular client of BodyMind Pilates for over 6 years. As is typical for a red-blooded American male, I aggressively pursued all form of exercise: running, yoga, Pilates, weights, cardio, spinning, body pump, etc. under the false premise that more is better, and no pain equals no gain. This has inevitably resulted in burnout or injury, often both.

The good people at BodyMind pay attention to each client they are helping. Although they encourage clients to advance to the next level, they will not allow them to push an exercise or movement to the point of negative results or injury. I dare say this is one of the biggest challenges for the staff at BodyMind Pilates; not only in my case, but I have observed the tendency in other clients as well to push beyond a healthy point because we falsely believe “no pain, no gain.”

I am very grateful for the staff at BodyMind Pilates. They have enabled me to enjoy a long-term practice of exercise that strengthens without injury. I trust them as partners in an effort to optimize my health objectives. They have demonstrated to me that they are highly capable and most importantly care.


From my first consultation, the staff [at BodyMind Pilates & Physical Therapy] proved to be very knoweldgable and encouraging. In fact, I have become stronger because of the way I am exercising now. For the first time in my life, I feel like I am working out intelligently and with specific intent. The exercises are not excruciating to complete, yet I have been seeing results. It is enjoyable to work out, and I look forward to each and every one of my classes.

Besides the physical exercise element of the studio, Reiki, massage, and reflexology services are also offered, all of which I have been fortunate enough to participate in. Through these other services with the Pilates, I have started feeling better!

I can not say enough positive things about my experience at BodyMind Pilates and Physical Therapy. Thank you for offering a unique service that I so desperately need!


Pilates has changed my body; making me stronger, no longer taking ten to fifteen steps to stand up straight after getting out of a chair or getting up in the morning.

No matter how tired I am after working all day, I know that I’ll feel better after a class. I also realize now how much it means to stretch every day.


Before I discovered Body Mind Pilates I had recently turned 40 and was being pretty lazy and irregular with my workouts. I knew I needed to do something different and I was determined to get back on track. I heard about Carolina from a friend, joined the studio and started taking matwork classes twice a week. Within 6 months I was starting to feel like my old self again and within a year I had lost 15 pounds. Body Mind Pilates didn’t just get me back in shape, it actually “re-shaped” my body. My clothes not only fit better, they fit differently. My body is now longer and leaner and I am getting more flexible all the time.

I look forward to my classes, especially on days when I am tired or stressed from work. I walk out of there feeling relaxed and strong! You get lots of personal attention in class and they really focus on proper form. I can honestly say Body Mind Pilates was a life saver for me! It was the type of studio I was searching for, and it has changed me for the better!


I’m so happy that I found BodyMind Pilates. Since working with

Carolina, I have gained greater core strength, hip stability, and an awareness of my body alignment.

All of this has helped to reduce my lower back pain that was the impetus for becoming involved with Pilates. I have found the instructors to be very knowledgeable, friendly, and encouraging.