Our Covid-19 Re-opening Policies

  1. Don’t be sick: When booking in-studio classes clients will be required to confirm that they’re in good health and/or have not been in contact with someone experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 as detailed by the CDC.
  2. Wear a mask: Because of the risk of transmission with asymptomatic people all staff members and clients will be asked to use face coverings while in the studio. We’ll have masks for sale in the studio soon for $15.00.
  3. Wait in your car: We ask that clients remain in their cars until it’s time for their booked appointment.
  4. One at a time: We ask that only one person be inside the entry lobby at any given time.
  5. Six feet please: Please maintain a 6 foot distance from other clients and instructors.
  6. Equipment distance: We’ve spaced the equipment to allow for the 6 foot rule.
  7. No hands-on: Instructors will not provide hands on corrections.
  8. Wash often: Please wash hands when entering or leaving the studio and feel free to use the hand sanitizer provided.
  9. Bring or buy your own stuff: We’re asking that clients bring their own drinks and a medium sized towel. Also, please consider buying your own Reformer handles which we have for sale in the studio for $16.00.
  10. Paper towels: We’ve removed all hand towels and cleaning cloths so please use the paper towels provided. 
  11. Keep it clean: We’ve invested in a line of cleaning products that are chemical free but also certified by the EPA to effectively eliminate virus’s and bacteria. Please help us by cleaning the equipment after your session.